My Most Influential Teacher...Two Stories
by Tom Sylvest, Jr.

This blog post centers on one of the most important teachers I ever had. His name is Daryl Ladner Aultman.

Here I share two stories about Mr. Aultman. The first, My Most Influential Teacher, is set nearly six decades ago. It tells the tale of how Mr. Aultman helped me with my reading skills.

The second story is a continuation of that story and takes place in October of 2023, just a few days ago as of this blog. It recounts my efforts to find Mr. Aultman.

I had some wondeful teachers in my life. Many of them are gone now. I always hope they appreciated how much they meant to me. I share these stories for the young folk still learning. I want them to enjoy learning. I want them to be inspired to continue their education throughout their lives. I want them to appreciate the dedicated educators who sacrifice for them.

I hope you enjoy these two stories. Click on the links below.

Story: My Most Influential Teacher

Story: Finding Mr. Aultman

My very best to you.