Reentry and Reset
by Tom Sylvest, Jr.
Travel Stuff

Reentry and Reprioritize

No words describe our trip to Ireland. I will probably bore friends and family for years with stories about this trip. Our epic driving trip through Alaska decades ago and this journey to the Emerald Isle shine brightly amongst the magnificent and magical memories My Lovely Bride, Kathleen, and I have made in our lives. My imagination struggles to comprehend our experience. I enjoy this discomfort. We are home now. Obviously, we must get back to our day to day life. Laundry piles ask for cleaning. Yard work calls to us. Bills beg for payment. Projects want to start up again. These waiting tasks will consume us for a few days. Within a week of our return we should complete the reentry. Plan the work and work the plan is our job.

As the reentry period subsides, I plan to review and adjust my priorities. Art projects, Tigertoons’ football schedules, two books I had been writing, the Dr. Timmons’ animations, and the World War II videos Dad and I were producing scream at me, “Hey, Tom! What about us?”

I do not lack for something to do. My issues revolve around what to do first and how much time to devote to it. I bit off more than I could chew last year. My plans blew up and needed revisioning. Some circumstances were beyond my control. Some distractions were of my own making. And other emergent situations involved my inability to accurately judge the time, treasure and talent resources required. I will update you on my progress on my various projects. A few I have abandoned and I will explain why because the reasons have wider implications. For some of you the status of my activities interest you. I want to be more diligent in honoring your interest.

One new project has arrived on my platter. While my memory is fresh, I hope to write up the stories we built on our Ireland trip. I met so many people. Some of those folks were remarkable and deserve remarks. We had many interesting experiences, too. Some were so entertaining that they require mention. I want to share these stories with you. Be assured you will at least smile. You may laugh. You may find useful information. For a few weeks I will construct these tales and offer them to you.

I will begin the storytelling with “Another Santa in the Building.” Click on this link and enjoy.

That’s it for now. I need to stop typing and complete some chore around here.