Timmons' Video 2 Done
"Joys and Miseries of My New Super Duper Computer"
by Tom Sylvest, Jr.

Perfectionism in the Way

So much has happened since May 12, 2022. That was the date I completed and uploaded my first Dr. Timmons’ video. May came and went. June and July swallowed my time in big gulps. August has begun with a flurry of activity. I had intended to issue an episode of my Dr. Timmons’ videos every month. That may have been ambitious. Between the numerous other projects I have underway and life’s common distractions, I am struggling. I find my attempt to develop a “go with the flow” attitude in direct opposition to my perfectionist streak. This conflict hinders completing projects, and when complete, I am not satisfied. This is nothing new to me.

New Tool in the Way

One huge development unexpectedly threw a wrench into the machinery and slowed me down. My super duper new computer required more attention than I ever imagined. Updating programs, finding that updated programs were not compatible with old documents, learning different protocols to complete simple tasks, discovering my old computers could not communicate with the new one, losing files and contact information, using new applications, and other pebbles in my shoe have been challenging. I smile at my new tool while I curse it. I love my new computer, but I hate it. It is a funny thing. I knew better.

Adjusting Timelines and Goals

My projects have found new timelines and goal dates. The new tool will help me get where I want to go. My old tools will also be handy and can complement my super duper new computer. This has been a summer of learning. I am beginning to reap the benefits and see my products emerge.

This video is the first product. Of course, I am not thoroughly happy and only mildly satisfied. I have had to recalibrate the way I measure my output. “Good enough” will become a minimum standard now. I am competing against myself and no one else.

Here’s to using the remaining days I have well.