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Music Page, Electrical Work & NFTs
"Keeping my activities diverse and interesting"
Tuesday, April 19, 2022
by Tom Sylvest, Jr.
Music Webpage Up and Running

music by tomsylvestjr

It only took a day of concentrated effort to create a basic webpage to share some of my music. Of course, this content is a little dated; it was a matter of assembling links. I did need to reformat the lyrics into HTML5 code. That was a chore, but after I got a system, it became easier.

Please check it out by clicking on the link above.

I will slowly add to the website from my catalogue of work. I may just post rough soundtracks with lyrics. I do not have professional recording equipment so my quality suffers. I have spoken with a producer about creating a vanity recording that I might be able to distribute to those of you that care about stuff like that. There is also so much musical talent in my family that I'd like to see shared. The possibilities are numerous, but the resources of time, treasure and technology will always limit the output.

Since I am more of a lyricist than tune creator or performer, it may be enough to share my lyrics and let you guys decide which ones you'd like to hear. We'll see.

Electrical Work

The gorgeous weather allows me to work in the attic under less stressful conditions. There is not much to do there except reroute the source of power for an outdoor outlet. Then I'll daisy chain two more soffit outlets to the formerly-orphaned 30 amp circuit. It once belonged to the greenhouse the Flood destroyed. All of this work increases our access to electricity on the patio and carport. We have great lighting in those areas. More outlets strategically placed will make outdoor entertaining even more useful.

I am slowly finishing the shed electrical. The 50 amp power supply is now at the shed. That was the tough part with the trenching, looking for hidden coaxial and running conduit and wire. All of the exterior outlets and junction boxes are done. Next chore will be rigging the circuit box, wiring indoor outlets and overhead lighting, and installing task lighting. I'm trying to take into account more charging station-like facilities to accommodate battery-powered tools. That'll be a nice touch.

I'm almost finished with what may be the last electrical project I'll ever do. I can't imagine I will need much else in the future. I also take into account we may not be here in ten years. Why do so much for such a short term purpose?

TigerToons and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

I have been collecting my digital files and reorganizing them. I feel like a librarian creating a system to know what I have and create the necessary meta-data to make the archive manageable. I am not hiding the fact that I am trying to preparre thousands of digital assets into collections that I will offer as NFTs in the near future. That future may be closer than I think so bone up on digital wallets, crypto-currency, and NFT curation. NFTs won't be for everybody. They scare some people. There are many people who aren't familiar with this form of value and will never be. That's okay. Credit cards aren't for everybody. Paypal isn't for some. Blockchain-based "stuff" will never be a thing for many.

There are many, however, champing at the bit to get a hold of my assets in this form. I am carefully and deliberately preparing to cater to the various markets that want a piece of the action, my action in particular. Some folks recognize right off the bat what the digital future holds for the informed. For instance, just this morrning, I had a visit from two air conditioning technicians that came to do scheduled maintenance on my system. I gave them a quick, cursory tour of my studio. They wanted to see why I don't run my unit (heating or cooling) very much. I explained that I virtually live in this studio of mine. I am rarely in my house anymore. I showed them some of my work on my computers, some of the hard copy artwork, and the hard drives that are filled with my archives. One of the young fellows recognized my LSU Mascot Football schedules. He said, 'Oh my, God! This stuff is perfect for NFTs. You have a gold mine here.' Whether I do or don't is yet to be seen.

I invite you to stay tuned to this blog in particular relative to NFTs. I will take you on my journey as I explore this aspect of my work. Perhaps we can learn together and benefit from the exciting future before us.