from notes, lectures, friends and colleagues of
Dr. Edwin O. Timmons, Ph.D.

compiled by
Tom Sylvest, Jr.


Dr. Edwin O. Timmons, Ph.D. touched many lives and through his protégés touched countless more. Here is a compilation of his principles I  collected from his many lectures, classes, seminars, laboratories, and consultations. Dr. T was not inclined to write a book, which is sad in many ways, but very understandable. He had rather "be" with people and share stories with them than pound out words at a keyboard or typewriter.  He was most magical and effective with people. That made him feel like somebody.

However, the person I needed to feel like compelled me to write this stuff down from a fear it might get away. I just decided I needed to flesh out the things he said and did for my own reference so that I wouldn't lose what I experienced in Dr. T's presence.

This ain't a book for publication. It's just notes and my memories and thoughts attached. And it will probably continue to grow as I rummage through the remaining folders, handouts,  journals, napkins and envelopes. The essence of Dr. Timmons cannot be captured in words or pictures. One really had to experience him.  As such, no matter how many times I look through this stuff, I miss my teacher, my mentor and my enabler.

Use these notes and ideas if they are helpful to you with my best regards.


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