Gustav Hits Tigertoons Album

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Straight line winds or a twister lifted a large water oak that was next to our house and deposited same water oak on same house. I was in the attic at the time fixing a leak in the roof. The tree fell behind me so I quit trying to fix the roof. We moved my mom and dad, sister, niece, and Mrs. Margaret Schaff to a safe place immediately. Kathleen and I returned to mitigate damage, save personal property, and wait for a safe time for the adjustor to come and view the damage more completely.

Everyone is safe, but Kathleen and I are trying to save more things, trying to find a new place to live, and trying to deal with feeder bans from Hurricane Ike. Ike has ripped most of the tarpaulin from the roof and rain bands have begun to pour water into our house. The adjustor cannot come to us until the Wind Advisories and Tornado Watches have passed. This is a tough time. That is where things stand as of 10:10AM, 9-12-08.

I will not be able to stay in contact for awhile. Hopefully we will be established by next week.

Love, Tom and Kathleen Sylvest

Here's a slideshow with me singing the musical score. If you get tired of the song like I did, mute the sound.

SLIDESHOW of Tigertoons and Gustav.

Link to Fox News story with me in the video. CLICK HERE!

Link to WAFB-Channel 9 interview of Tom by Matt Williams CLICK HERE!

LPB Interviews Tom Sylvest on "Louisiana: The State We're In" to air on Friday, 9-12-08 7 PM. Check LPB's Site for a replay of the show after it airs. Here is the reference for the video clip. CLICK HERE!

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