The Fighting Tigers Handbook Article
by Dave Moormann

Dave Moormann, a long-time sports-writer for The Advocate in Baton Rouge, wrote a book in 1996 titled, Fighting Tigers' Handbook. The book is chock-a-block with LSU Football information, statistics, stories, records, and trivia. During Dave's research, a mutual friend of ours turned him in my direction to take a look at my LSU tailgating artwork. During our visit a few hours one summer afternoon, Dave paged through files, flipped through photographs, and looked at my portfolio of LSU foolishness.

In the early Fall of 1996, his book hit the book stands. I went right out and bought a bunch of books. He wrote a very nice passage about my love for LSU. The publisher even put a vague reference to the article on the back cover of the book. I got permission from the publishing company, Midwest Sports Publications, to reproduce the article and put it on the web. I thought you might enjoy it.