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The LSU Fighting Tigers enter the 2009 campaign with reasonable expectations. The cloud of Perrilloux has passed with renewed confidence in the quarterback corps. The stable of running backs is led by Charles Scott with Williams, Murphy, and Holliday offering differing styles. Sure-handed receivers intend to balance the offensive game plan.

The two-headed defensive monster has been replaced with a veteran coordinator in John "Chief" Chavis. New faces step into the breach left by departing stars. Simplified schemes and aggressiveness will be tested by the best in the nation.

The schedule is challenging. Visits to a diminishing Georgia, a refocusing Alabama, and a rising Ole Miss squad and home stands against the Defending National Champion Gators and the surprising Razorbacks will give the Bayou Bengals all they can handle. Huskies, Commodores, Cajuns, and the Mississippi variety of Bulldogs will set the table before these entrees are served. A mightily disappointed Auburn accompanies Tulane and Louisiana Tech with visits in the latter half of the season.

We're in for another exciting ride. Buckle up and enjoy.

2009 Schedule

2009 Schedule


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September 5
Seattle, Washington

LSU 31
Washington 23


September 12
Baton Rouge

Vanderbilt 9
LSU 23


September 19
Baton Rouge

LSU 31

Mississippi State

September 26
Starkville, Mississippi

LSU 30
Mississippi State 26


October 3
Athens, Georgia

LSU 20
Georgia 13


October 19
Baton Rouge

Florida 13

Open Date

October 17, 2009


October 24
Baton Rouge

Auburn 10
LSU 31

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October 31
Baton Rouge

Tulane 0
LSU 42


November 7
Tusacaloosa, Alabama

LSU 15
Alabama 24

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Louisiana Tech

November 14
Baton Rouge

Louisiana Tech 16
LSU 24

I was consumed by Chase Home Finance and their inability to disburse my last insurance funds. They ate up my week.

Ole Miss

November 21
Oxford, Mississippi

LSU 23
Ole Miss 25


November 28
Baton Rouge