Random Thoughts with Explanations of Mascots
TigerToons Dude

Appalachian State
Baton Rouge

Last year, the Mountaineers left Ann Arbor, Michigan as giant killers, hence the sling shot in his hand (although not the model used by David against Goliath). These guys were responsible for the initial talk of Coach Miles heading to Michigan. I don’t recall the champs from two different divisions playing each other to kick off a season. I like the Moutaineers. Good people.

Baton Rouge

Snoop Dog’s Trojans are more fearsome than this Alabama variety. Once known as Troy State, they now call themselves Troy University. I suppose it sounds better and looks cooler on graduation rings and sweatshirts. If I recall correctly, Menelaus’s brother, Agamemnon, offered the Trojans a horse and proceeded to kick their butts. I still wouldn’t horse around with this group of Trojans.

North Texas
Baton Rouge

This is another school that changed its name and rather be known as the Mean Green, not the Eagles. Their two and ten season last year left them feeling more proud of their music department. Given the flimsy proposition of Global Warming, Mean Green would seem to be a timely moniker and just as imaginative as Climate Change computer models.

Auburn, Alabama

“The Chop Block and Other Cheap Shots Handbook” is distributed to freshman offensive linemen when they report to Fall practice. I don’t know what they give the SEC Officials who report to call the LSU-Auburn game. I don’t think it’s a book. When an Auburn fan yells, “War Eagle”, respond with “Poulet de Guerre” (war chicken).

Mississippi State
Baton Rouge

The Dog fans can have their cowbells. They certainly aren’t Bullbells.

Gainesville, Florida

The Water Lizards should be potent if Tebow isn’t named a Vice Presidential Candidate for either party.

South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina

The Visor Chickens had bright prospects early last year then faded as the season wore on. Darth Visor will undoubtably toss his head gear and grimace throughout ’08 more than he’ll grin with satisfaction. They are still mighty dangerous when you mention Clemson to them.

Baton Rouge, LA

The Dawgs spent their off season licking themselves and complaining that they were found worthy of only playing in the Sugar Bowl. The pups should stay in the Number One spot given the first half of their schedule. Saban and Fulmer may have something to say about that. But Dawg Almighty! Four SEC road games in a row, three of which are against preseason Top Eleven teams, may have the canines licking themselves again before the season is over.

Baton Rouge, LA

The contents of the New Orleans water-cooler gave their former rivals a late morning scare last year. We’ll be well awake before we take the field against the former University of Louisiana.

Baton Rouge, LA

Little Nicky returns to Tiger Stadium as a parole officer. What a shame. Gump University is looking for bail bondsmen as much as it’s looking for magic.

Ole Miss
Baton Rouge, LA

Sometimes you feel like a Nutt. Sometimes you don’t. Colonel Reb may be replaced with the Planter’s Peanut Dude if their new coach has any success.

Little Rock, AR

A new coach, new uniforms, and new running backs may or may not give the Porkers something to think about. They may be satisfied with another Cotton Bowl berth.