The 2007 ranks among the most exciting gridiron years in LSU Football History. It will be hard to top last year for excitement and drama. Just consider the following: Talk of Coach Miles moving off to Michigan; embarrassing highly ranked Virginia Tech; losing two games in exciting triple overtimes; walking away with a big win against our former coach; achieving a Number One ranking, losing it, & getting it back again; watching some whacky, imaginative and gutsy plays; snatching a great win in the SEC Championship with a backup quarterback; and finally, to top it off, winning the BCS Championship. That's hard to beat.

It is unlikely we'll repeat the roller coaster ride of last season. It is certainly possible, but not probable. We have a challenging schedule loaded with top-ranked teams, teams on the rise, and teams led by new coaches. We will field two untested, but talented & intelligent quarterbacks, a stable of running backs, a bench full of sure-handed receivers, and an offensive line anyone would envy. Our defense will be as stout as ever with some youngsters needing to step it up. We have the "Defending National Champions" target on our backs and no one will roll over for us. We'll get the best from among the best. We have every right to expect our tenacious Tigers to perform at the highest levels. The talent is there. With a little luck, who knows. So, Best of Luck in '08.

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Atlanta, GA

Hurricane Gustav hits my house with a tree. We are homeless for awhile. No Tigertoons sadly.

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